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Chip tuning
Chip tuning is basicaly a normal EPROM chip that you would find inside any engine ECU but has been reprogrammed with tuned software to give the engine more power and better drivability.



These EPROMís store information that controls fuel injection duration, ignition advance, turbo boost, variable cam lift and throttle response. This information is programed by the manufacturer in a de-tuned format (click here for information on why they do this) it is this de-tuning that enables companies like superchips and ourselves to reprogram them with tuned software we have developed.



For most modern vehicles built after 1996 we are able to remap the EPROM via the diagnostic port (click here for application list), this allows us to offer remapping at your home or place of work. This also protects the ECU from damage and protects the vehicles warranty and insurance cover.  



Every time we remap an ECU we measure the output of the engine before we start, we then recheck the engine output after remapping to make 100% sure of the performance conversion. We will supply before and after dyno graphs on request.





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