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Chris Peck from Nottingham
Date added 2004/06/25

They remapped my Leon Cupra 1.8t today, it now absolutely flies, even beat a Cupra R at the lights! Well worth the money. Very friendly, knowledgeable guys.


David Martin from Birmingham
Date added 2004/07/13

Very nice job lads car goes like a bomb, haven’t had time to check fuel economy yet.


Mike skinner from Arnold
Date added 2004/09/01

Brilliant site!


Neil Murrey from Sussex
Date added 2004/09/04

Thanks for all the advice and taking the time to answer all of my emails, I will be recommending you to everyone.

David Graham
Date added 2005/04/19

Hi Roger,

I didn’t really believe or think that having my Golf GT-TDI Remapped was going to make a real difference and if I could I was going to say that there was no real improvement to my car.

How wrong was I?

The car is a totally different animal. (The car is now a wolf in sheep’s clothing)

The car revs freely and now holds it’s own with the hot hatch fraternity.

The acceleration, the pull and the driveability is awesome

Every aspect of the cars driveability has been improved to the extreme.

I have been getting an extra 5-8mpg at 70 to 80mph and there is not much that can keep up with the old tractor now.

Not even the Cupra (150bhp) 1.8 turbo that had ago the other night.

Once again I’ll thank you for your excellent service on my car, and if I can recommend you to any of my friends or just anybody I meet then believe me I will.

Best regards

David Graham

(Awesome diesel owner)

Andy LLoyde from Swadlincote
Date added 2005/04/21

just one word mate "AWSOME" it bloody goes now...was a little scarey on way home untill i got used to the extra power

car feels alot smoother and when you put your foot down and the turbo kicks in she just takes off...tyres spin in second under accelleration..its great

thanks for a great job mate

i would definatley recommend anyone to yourself

thanks again


Tim From Rainworth
Date added 15/09/2005

Had my Punto JTD remapped, just like driving a different car wicked performance, mpg is about the same, well worth the visit.


Richard Palmer From Nottingham
Date added 20/09/2005

WOW that is all i can say! my BMW 328i sport coupe is such a different car it is a beast now! i’m gonna loose my liscence for sure!
thanks roger you’ve done a cracking job.


Mark Nolan From Manchester
Date added 03/10/2005

Dear God mate,

Took the car home after the chip was in, or rather the car took me home. Never felt acceleration like it, red lined it in 2nd, 3rd and 4th coming onto the motorway and was pretty sure that one of my kidneys was on the back seat. My S3 now feels like its had a turbo the size of Portsmouth installed.

Would just like to say thanks for everything and possibly the cheapest face lift around!
Seriously can't stop smiling when the turbo kicks in.

All I can say is ASTOUNDING POWER!!!

Thanks again,

Mark and his stupidly fast Audi S3.

Andy From Shropshire
Date added 28/08/2007

Just a quick note to say how delighted I am with the remap of my Skoda Octavia.
It is proving very flexible with strong acceleration - I did a first run with the trailer up to Sheffield yesterday and it was effortless.
All in all, a highly recommended change.
Kind regards,

Mark From Liverpool
Date added 06/10/2007

Excellent service.
Had my Audi A4 1.8T 163 remapped to over 200bhp.
Immediate results! Couldn't be happier with the service.
Thanks very much.
will definately call again when changing cars and recommend friends.


Peter From Powys
Date added 21/02/2008

Thanks for the remapping of our two cars, much improvement in both.
(2008 Skoda Scout 2.0tdi & Saab 93 1.9cdti)
Regards Peter

Bal From Northampton
Date added 02/04/2008

Thanks for doing the A4 mapping - it’s a lot snappier, got a bit more of a growl to it aswell


Paul From Wokingham
Date added 05/04/2008

hello again. After your visit to re-map my car i have to say i did'nt realise how different it was until i took it for a good spin last night, on my own, on some good roads. The overall performance was good before but since you've tweaked it i can only describe it as out of this world. Thanks to your services i'm now one very happy touran owner. Cheers ... Paul...



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